Grants for translation and creation of tutorial videos for Vietnamese

Grant for translation and creation of tutorial videos for Vietnamese:

Grant Title: GitHub - RubiconDeFi/docs: Developer docs, user guides, and knowledge base for Rubicon

Author(s) and contact info:
twitter : @saulgmmm
discord : saulgoodman#6211

About you:
My name is Oai and I have worked on a partner of Near protocol-related marketing projects. I also translate and make video tutorials about protocols for everyone.

Grant Description:
I used to translate for Rubicon and sent the translation sheet to the team half a year ago due to a big change, so I have not received a subsidy. I am doing this proposal to have the opportunity to continue translating and making video tutorials to contribute to the Rubicon community.

Goals and Impact:
The goal is for Vietnamese people to be able to understand Rubicon protocol in the simplest and most intuitive way because I have translated for Rubicon before (6 months ago) and edited photos in the context of words according to Vietnamese meanings.
About Video I will make 2 videos about Rubicon:
1 video to detail the components in the protocol, if people don’t want to see the document, they can watch this. 1 video will be made to guide people to interact with the protocol.
The goal is that more Vietnamese people know about the protocol while they don’t have much time to learn about the protocol in detail. Reach more protocol users.

03/15/2023: Complete the translation into Vietnamese
03/31/2023: Complete the tutorials protocol video for the Vietnamese

Funding Request:
Translation: 300 OP
Video Tutorials: 1000 OP
Total: 1300 OP

03/15/2023: Complete the translation into Vietnamese
03/31/2023: Complete the tutorials protocol video for the Vietnamese

Other Information:

This is a previous contribution to Rubicon community.

I understand that I am responsible for reporting progress on this grant in the public forum


Oai, thank you for your past efforts to support the ecosystem and for submitting a proposal to continue doing so. Expanding the accessibility of documentation is an essential part of supporting the Rubicon ecosystem and the grants committee is happy to fund such efforts. In terms of your proposal, here are some considerations that we think should be taken into account:

  1. The protocol is in the process of being upgraded from v1 → v2. This will lead to significant changes to the current documentation. Because of this, we believe it makes sense to:

    • Grant an initial 150 OP to compensate for past translations and to fund the translation of any existing documentation that is not related to the v1 pools system. The v1 pools system is in the process of being deprecated and will dramatically change in v2 of the protocol.

    • Grant the remaining requested 150 OP for translation work to be done after the v2 documentation is live (which is expected to happen in the following 1-2 months).

    • Grant any OP related to video tutorials in tandem with the v2 launch. Details regarding the v2 specs and system design will be shared as the protocol goes to audit. Once a test net deployment is live it will be shared to support the usage video mentioned in the proposal.

  2. In support of the grant application portion regarding the video, we would appreciate if you could share any previous videos you have made and explain in further detail what the videos will entail. Do you have an existing channel where you will be distributing these videos, or will these be videos that are then reposted by the main Rubicon accounts? Any additional detail regarding the videos mentioned in the application is appreciated!

The grants committee will provide clear documentation contribution guidelines to aid in translation efforts. These guidelines will be detailed in the documentation repository. We look forward to your response and are excited to help you empower our Vietnamese ecosystem! Please let us know if you have any questions.

denver - grants committee member


Hi Oai,

I hope you’re doing well. I noticed that the Rubicon documentation site doesn’t currently support multi-lingual content, which presents a challenge for hosting your Vietnamese translation. I was wondering how you plan to link your pages with the existing content on the site.

In my opinion, hosting the translation on the same site would be more beneficial for everyone involved. Would you be willing to help prepare the necessary infrastructure to host the translation on the same site before working on the actual content?

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Good point. Our team has some documentation maintenance to do before we can support translations. We’re optimistic that we can have a language dropdown in the menu before it truly ‘blocks’ any translations.

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Great, I created some new videos before but my mic didn’t filter out the noise so I bought a new mic and will be doing v2 of the protocol again!!!.
Hướng dẫn sử dụng giao thức Rubicon (Phần 1) - YouTube (this is an old video of what I did before)
I will translate it immediately if you have updated documentation and subsequently create detailed tutorial videos about the v2 protocol.

I will prioritize translating the document first and then making the video right after, but I will do it more carefully because the more careful the content will be simpler and easier for viewers to understand. As for updating documents on the web, I will send them to the Rubicon team so they can sync the documents to make them easy for viewers to access. On the other hand, in the description video, I also point directly to the web to view the document that viewers can access from many different sources.

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I will be here waiting for you, I will do it until all Vietnamese understand what the protocol is, and how easy it is to approach

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I am Vietnamese and work in Crypto field. I found this article very helpful and close to reality. I hope that @quocoaihd will continue to write more articles like this in the future.

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thank you so much <3

This is a very good idea. Adds a huge sect of developers would be added to the open source protocol.


@quocoaihd Thanks for your response. As soon as the site is ready to host your translations, we will notify you here through the forum and begin the first portion of the grant (translating existing documentation). Please let me know if you have any questions, we look forward to working with you on this project very soon!

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I can’t wait to translate, but good things take time :smiley:

I have translated the docs on Rubicon

And the video

Hi @quocoaihd, thanks for taking the time to create this video and for going through the documentation! We will review this and get back to you regarding any potential next steps. Thanks as always for your excitement to improve the Vietnamese resources of the Rubicon ecosystem.

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I have added Vietnamese subtitles and I will add English subtitles to follow easily.

@quocoaihd, Thank you for your efforts on both the video and translation! For next steps, the committee has the following feedback:

  1. Documentation: Please submit a pull request to the documentation repository containing the translations to be included. If you have any troubles with the contributing process, please reach out in the discord and we would be more than happy to assist you in this process.

  2. Video: As you addressed above, adding English subtitles would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, it would be great if the following modifications could be made to the video:

    a. Remove Pools Section: The pools system from v1 is in the process of being deprecated, and as such does not need to be included in the protocol overview at this time.

    b. Expanded Limit Order Explanation: Currently, the video only demonstrates to users how to submit limit orders, and does not cover details on how to cancel or explain when an offer has received fill. It would be great to expand the explanation regarding this functionality of the protocol, as it is the most fundamental component of Rubicon.

Upon Completion, the Grants Committee is happy to extend a total of 375 OP for past and present work. Please let us know if you have any questions, or if we can be of any help in this process.

denver - grants committee member

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I will submit a pull request and make a video immediately, it’s lamentable that I haven’t explained the orders very clearly, this time I will talk about that in more detail and skip the redundant !!!

I remade the video and added English subtitles and some countries have a lot of crypto users

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I created a pull request on GitHub, can you review it?

Thank you so much @quocoaihd for taking the time to update the video and open a pull request. The video looks great! I have also left a comment on your pull request, once that request is finalized and merged we can complete this grant. Thanks again, look forward to hearing from you.


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