Expanding funding because of confusion

I texted Denver and translated Rubicon v1 from February 10, 2022. Then I made a video for Rubicon v1 after waiting a year for an update on the protocol v2, Denver said it would compensate 150 op for the document v1 and told me to translate Rubicon v2 would get an additional 150 op, I made videos, and I did everything, translated, edited, pulled requested Github, made videos thoroughly, extremely detailed, up video to 4k, added 12 languages from the most countries use crypto, optimize SEO youtube.
I only received 375 op, because I was too focused on work and didn’t notice the problem from the forum, It’s not worth my effort so I want to make this proposal to propose an additional 1000 op to compensate for the corresponding effort I contributed, You can see the picture below, a guy only translated but got 300 op, but I did everything but got 375op, it was unfair
So I proposed to the committee to compensate me with 1000op, it was worth what I did.

(Photo, I translated document v1 from 2022)

(The document I translated in Rubicon v1, I have re-edited all the pictures to make it more intuitive for the viewer)

(The document I translated in Rubicon v2 that I just finished working on)

(video I posted on YouTube)

(already have over 200 likes, positive comments, and a lot of views)

(previous grants, compared to the amount of work I did)

@denver @benjamin @forrest


It looks like you haven’t received the corresponding grant, it deserves more, Thanks for your contribution to the community.

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Thanks, Your words of encouragement are the motivation to help me try to contribute more to the community

I also think the committee should reconsider, hope you get what you deserve, god bless you

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Thank you, I’m still waiting for the committee’s decision

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I watched your video and I now have a better understanding of the protocol, you deserve to receive more. Luv u <3

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Thanks, our encouragement motivates me to contribute more to the protocol.