My little struggle with sybil farmers on the rubicon project

Every few days I will post a list of suspicious wallets that have used the Rubicon protocol using sybil farmers

Part 1


Thanks for reporting sybil farming addresses!

For our OP airdrop to early traders and LPs, we chose to exclude addresses with less than $10 in trading volume. This simple rule excluded thousands of clear sybil addresses from the drop.

It’s clear for any future program that we would need a good strategy to filter out these large networks of bots that effectively steal rewards from real users.

Thank you! What action do you see them performing that is “Sybil” in your mind?

Same transactions at the same time most transactions and the same no money in the wallets

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This is pretty good stuff.
I did a check on the wallet assets (of only a few), and I found that a handful of them have an ens, which is kinda humanizing but they have tons of tiny coins all valued between 0.05 USD - 0.30 USD. These low holdings of coins between from Magic to OP. This is very difficult work but I definitely see robotic activity after looking at several of them. As you update this list, I’ll continue to use Zapper to look at these list and scan through.

Thanks for the feedback) I have a hard week, I can not find time to fill up the list but soon I will solve all the issues and add again