V2 Pools Allocation

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As Rubicon looks to reward original users, there should be an airdrop of 100 OP Tokens to each of the 242 [holders of the Rubicon V2 NFT].(Rubicon v2 Optimism Market Legionnaire (RUBI-V2-OP-MARKET) Token Tracker | Optimism). These NFTs were the reward for those who swapped 25 USD in Value on Rubicon V2. These early supporters are key in the push to climb the TVL charts.


@JustinJ & @AugustusCaesar have proposed airdropping 100 OP tokens to the holders of the Rubicon V2 NFT holders.


Except from :[GF: Phase 1 Proposal] Rubicon - Grants Council - Optimism Collective

β€œTrading pairs that where traders will receive incentives proportional to their share of maker volume:

Liquidity Pool Incentives: 30% (60,000 OP)

These incentives will renew our successful liquidity rewards program for the next version of the protocol. LPs in Rubicon V2 will earn OP for supplying liquidity to the protocol.

Liquidity Pools in the program:

These are the initial markets for Rubicon V2, and each will receive an equal share (10,000 OP) of rewards that continuously vest over 3 months.”

These 60,000 OP tokens were never distributed to liquidity providers because Version 1 was shut down. In doing so, some of these tokens should be repurposed to V2 users via NFT holders and the remainder should be saved for Liquidity Providers and Makers in the future.


100 OP to each of the 242 Rubicon V2 NFT holders, per wallet not per NFT.


A member of the team, assuming this proposal is passed, would set out to distribute to wallets that hold this NFT as of 15 February 2024 00:00 UTC.

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At 242 NFT holders * 100 OP that would be 24200 OP seems like a big drop maybe we could cut that in half or less. The value of OP has went up considerably since the campaign, I’d like to also add in some OP for the LP’s who did provide liquidity during v1/v2 during the vulnerability. I’m suggesting 25-50op per nft holder. This rewards users of V2 during the galaxy campaign and could be expanded further. We then have more to work with as with the remainder. Considering we have 6 pools lets say we divide the remainder equally with the original suppliers of the 6 pools, and keep some for future pools, and driving interest back to Rubicon.

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I am content with this revision