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  • How did you get into DeFi? What interests you most in the space?

  • What do you want to see from Rubicon?

  • What interests do you have outside of DeFi?

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Hi y’all, this is Forrest. I’m one of the co-founders of Rubicon and I run our Operations and Business Development.

I originally got into DeFi when @benjamin sent me this paper about trading on Ethereum and have been obsessed ever since. I am passionate about the protocol Rubicon is building and our mission of bringing decentralized exchange to the masses!

Outside of DeFi, I like to read (usually sci-fi), watch sports, and play DOTA 2.

If you want to reach out, DM me on Twitter!


hi everyone, my name is denver and i work on a variety of things at Rubicon. from data infrastructure and tooling to growth and business development, i am always excited to build tools and work on projects that make people’s lives easier.

i also was introduced to DeFi when @benjamin sent me this paper, but for me it wasn’t until i read this paper on funding public goods that i was convinced DeFi was the future foundational layer for human coordination and cooperation.

outside of DeFi, i love to ski, listen (and try to play) music, and spend time with my friends and family.

always feel free to dm me on twitter!


Howdy, y’all - Benjamin here. I’m a co-founder of Rubicon along with @forrest and I act as our technical lead among other roles. I am incredibly proud to be a part of this community, company, and team. I get to work with amazing humans on pushing the frontier of decentralized finance forward for the betterment of humanity and it is a great honor in my life. Moreover, I am thrilled to be a part of this Forum and for Rubicon to begin its journey toward decentralization and open governance.

In my mind, the world has never needed Rubicon more. Users are mistreated by centralized exchanges. Custodial black boxes misappropriate funds time and time again. Within DeFi, the best we have for ERC-20 trading is passive liquidity pools with poor execution; AMM LPs hemorrhage value while operators in the space hide their returns like cowards. In TradFi, users are many middlemen removed from any real ownership: can’t vote with stocks (broker controls rights and custody), investment bankers front-run retail as a feature, and only a lucky portion of humans spawned in the right state can access the most efficient markets legally, the list goes on… I started as a personal investor on Robinhood, thinking they looked out for the everyday person like me; but no, every quote shown in the app comes from a Dark Pool that pays for the right to wreck you - users can NEVER even access the base platform like the NYSE, this right is reserved for the gatekeepers at the top.

Rubicon is an open order book for Ethereum. Everyone in the world has equal root access. It is completely non-custodial. Our code is public, audited, and freely available for verification; all rules of democratized trade are in plain view. Instead of in a black box, trading happens through open smart contracts. Unlike passive liquidity markets which are incorrectly optimized for L1 gas costs, the order book is Occam’s Razer of trading and the only relevant modality used in finance at scale today. Thanks to ETH L2s, high-frequency trading on-chain is now a reality: market-makers can manage their books profitably (see Rubicon Pools v1 for an experiment in this, note that this is being deprecated in favor of the only form of passive liquidity that works: over-collateralized money markets in v2) and users get instant execution at the market rate. Rules of the matching engine live in open-source code, not a private server. Governance and ownership of the system will be in the hands of the people through progressive decentralization, eventually allowing for trustless and censorship-resistant financial rails for the world.

By extension, Rubicon is the World Order Book. As more capital is onboarded to Ethereum’s execution layers our need and use will only grow; these trends are already in motion. The Rubicon DAO will stand to shepherd the open rules of peer-to-peer token exchange into perpetuity while safeguarding the system from those who wish to suppress open finance and economic self-sovereignty. Much like Binance has run away with the centralized-server crypto trading game; over time Rubicon should attract a power law of users, capital, and activity entirely on-chain as the optimal trading venue. The future is bright but it will not happen overnight, it will take years. We must remain long-term-oriented and vigilant as we work hard to accelerate decentralized finance and help build an open financial system that can work for all humans. This is a cause that I find thrilling and a future we must manifest together.

Enough ranting from me… Onwards, the world needs us. The world needs a credibly neutral, open trading venue. No trust, no smoke and mirrors, no custody - just the best ERC20 rate and easy access for anyone in the world.

Please feel free to reach me anytime through Twitter, email, or Discord. I am excited to build the future of finance with you all.

Alea iacta est.


Howdy Howdy!
My name is Scoops. I work as the community manager for Rubicon. You can find me in the trenches in the Rubicon discord or on twitter. I always enjoy interacting with our community! Please feel free to contact me at any point.

I first started in the crypto space when I was about 12. My stepdad and I began mining alt coins in a large pool in exchange for bitcoin, in which we used to buy games on steam with XD. I’ve always enjoyed the Crpyto space and am excited for all the opportunities to come.

Pleas feel free to contact me on twitter as @TheOnlyScoops and @Scoops#1422


Dont mind me sliding here with founder, co-founders and OGs of Rubicon :sunglasses:

One thing I really excel at is creating wallet and forgetting seed phrases :sweat_smile: CDC is most interesting to me, power to manage the finance on chain is so cool.

I see Rubicon is getting more traction and ducking love the vibe on discord, twitter and on OP Gov, hoping this will continue.

What I want to see from Rubicon :-

  1. Going Multi-chain
  2. Mobile wallet, with Social recovery or ABS please
  3. Direct fiat on-ramp

Outside of DeFi, I find distributed chaotic nature of DAO challenging and fascinating.


Welcome @OPUser :wave:

I’m glad we pass your vibe check!

  1. We’re working on bringing Rubicon to more L2s (hopefully soon)
  2. Account Abstraction and BLS signatures are super exciting and can make this possible!
  3. We have the one from Ramp in the app, but you’re right that it’s not direct. Better fiat-on-ramps for DeFi are desperately needed.

What’s up!

The name is Caesar.
I am interested in Decentralized Finance to make money, but even more to better the future of my family. My biggest interest is safe & good yields.
I want to see security and yield achieved here in Rubicon.
My other interests outside of DeFi is improving DAO governance models.


Hey Everybody! I’ve been a long time member of the Rubicon Discord as c0lossus and have been an imperator in the server for over a year now.

I originally got into defi during 2020 messing around with outrageous APYs that attracted many defi degens like me at the time :sweat:

I’m really excited about the future of Rubicon and hope that the on-chain order book is the Dex of the Future :sunglasses:

Hi fellas, I’m Qiao, I’m new member of the Rubicon Discord, and I’ve been involved to defi about 2 years, it nice to meet all guys :smile:

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