About the Rubicon Grants Program

Our Grants Program funds individuals and teams that contribute to the Rubicon ecosystem.

This program and its structure are in a fluid state; we are constantly seeking to improve its effectiveness. We plan to implement changes based on our own experiences and our learnings from leading grants programs in the worlds of open-source software and academia.

Core Principles

Listed below are tenets that outline the ethos of this Program:

  • Longtermism: Rubicon is building an exchange protocol that can last for a century. This program must be biased toward funding projects that are sustainable and can scale for years, not months.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: When possible, inform decisions with measurable and reproducible metrics. Numbers keep us honest.

  • Radical Decentralization: With our grants, we aim to catalyze useful and powerful public goods within the Rubicon ecosystem.

  • Accelerationism: In order to bring change, we must first force change. We must fail fast.

  • Radical Transparency: Grants communication and decision-making are public on this forum, leaving no room for hearsay.

  • Defense in depth: By adhering to an application process with many redundancies, we reduce the likelihood of misallocated funds.

Grants Committee and Treasury

The Grants Program is currently in Phase 1. During this phase, the committee is made up of core Rubicon team members. See the Grants Program Operations post for more information about the committee and the treasury.

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