Grant Proposal Template

Rubicon Grant Template

Grant Title:
(Name of the project.)

Author(s) and contact info:
(Name/Pseudonym, Email or Discord name.)

About you:
(Tell us about yourself and/or your team. Include any previous work, link your GitHub, Twitter, etc.)

Grant Description:
(Describe your project in detail. Give some background, and talk about any problem(s) it solves. Try to include data to support your points.)

Goals and Impact:
(Describe what success looks like for this project; what impact will it have on the Rubicon ecosystem? How can we measure the success of this grant?)

(Identify milestones that could unlock parts of the grant in the future. Grants with clear milestones can receive larger funding amounts!)

Funding Request:
(How much funding are you requesting?)

Budget Breakdown:
(How exactly will the funds be used?)

(What is your expected timeline for this project?)

Other Information:
(Provide any additional materials or information that can strengthen your proposal and help us during the review process.)

I understand that I am responsible for reporting progress on this grant in the public forum