Grants Program Operations

Committee Overview

The Grants Committee performs the initial and final review of each grant application.

Current Members

Benjamin Hughes

Denver Baumgartner

Forrest Norwood


Phase 1: Initial Centralization (ACTIVE)

  • A centralized grants committee is established to review and approve funding proposals. The committee is composed of core Rubicon team members

  • Grant Applications are submitted in the Forum, where both Committee members and the public can give feedback

  • Application decisions are clearly explained and justified in the Forum; the entire Rubicon community has the opportunity to provide feedback during the process

  • Conversations between the Grants Committee and Applicants will occur in the Forum or a public Discord thread
    (Sensitive material such as payment addresses and identity may be discussed via private channels)

Phase 2: Preparing for Progressive Decentralization

  • Community members will be increasingly involved in the decision-making process through mechanisms such as voting/polling

  • Funding proposals will continue to be reviewed and approved by the Grants Committee, but with increasing input from the community

  • The Committee will expand by extending membership to active contributors in our ecosystem and partners in the space

  • Continued formalization of grant processes will reduce the dependence on the centralized Committee, preparing the organization for decentralization

Phase 3: Progressive Decentralization

  • The Grants Committee may be dissolved or restructured in favor of decentralized governance mechanisms

Treasury Overview

Treasury Address

The Grants treasury is currently held on rubicon.eth (0x3204AC6F848e05557c6c7876E09059882e07962F). The treasury will soon be transferred to a 2/3 multisig on Optimism with each committee member as a signer.

Treasury Source

The Rubicon Grants Program is currently possible thanks to a 135,000 OP grant from Optimism. As such, all grants are paid in the OP token.

Is there a way to join the grants committee?

During Phase 1 it’s just our team, but during Phase 2 we hope to invite a few active contributors and community members to join the committee!

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