Grant Application Process

Step 1: Submit a Grant Proposal on the Forum

  • Applicant(s) submits a Grant Proposal on the Forum following the Grant Proposal Template

  • Proposals are reviewed by the Committee on a rolling basis

Step 2: Initial Review

  • Proposal is reviewed by Grants Committee to ensure it would be a valuable contribution to the ecosystem and aligns with the mission

  • Weak and/or lazy proposals can be rejected by the Committee at this stage. The reasoning for the rejection will be posted in the Forum

  • Good Grant Proposals receive initial feedback and comments from the Committee

Step 3: Committee Comments & Community Review

  • The community can provide feedback on each Grant Proposal, these comments will be taken into account in the Committee’s final decision

  • During this time, the Grant Applicant may (and are encouraged to) modify their proposal based upon feedback from the committee and community at large

Step 4: Final Review

  • Grants Committee reviews the proposal again, taking into account community feedback. During this stage, the Committee aims to measure the potential impact of the relevant Grant Proposal

  • The Grants Committee makes a final decision to fund the proposal or not, notifying the applicant(s) and community of the decision

Step 5: Funding and Implementation

  • Approved Grant Proposals are funded, and the team(s) behind the proposal is now responsible for implementing the project and delivering regular updates on their progress to both the Grants Committee and the community

  • In most cases, funds will be released in tranches, based on milestones agreed upon in the proposal

  • In the case of retroactive grants, the entirety of the grant will be awarded with the potential for future funding given the project and proposal

Step 6: Evaluation

  • The grants committee will evaluate the progress and impact of the funded projects on a regular basis, and provide feedback and guidance to the teams as needed

  • The grants program will be regularly evaluated and updated based on the learnings from previous grants and external developments

We estimate the entire process will take around 1 month to complete from start to finish, but it may vary depending on the number of proposals or their complexity. The community can share feedback and signal support for proposals at any step in the process, which will be taken into account by the Committee.

(This process is not set in stone and is likely to change in the future!)

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